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Video Vision


The Ripper


Fearson's Aces


Card in Ceiling

Description:   You tell your friend that they can choose from three different movies. You can use any three movies you want. You hand them the remote control and tell them to name a movie. They simply name the movie, hit the button on the remote, and there is the movie they selected!   With a ripping motion, one card becomes two. Another rip and the two become four! A startling production of four cards that you'll love doing!
  A spectator selects one of the four aces from their own deck under the fairest conditions.

You never even touch their cards and yet you are able to reveal their chosen ace!

This is impromptu mental magic at it's best!
  A signed card is shuffled into the deck and the deck is wrapped with a rubber band. The magician tosses the deck up to the ceiling and the spectators SIGNED card gets STUCK IN THE CEILING. About an inch of the corner of the card is IMPALED in the ceiling! And the spectators signature is clearly visible.









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